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Modular Homes


  • Design

    Dream homes, designed with the highest quality standards for a new lifestyle. Space, light and beauty are driving the design of the architect Javier de la Calzada, to provide a unique housing price

  • Price

    By introducing industrial processes in the construction of the housing, and reversing the process is designed so that depending on the production costs is possible to obtain a reduction thereof, with the highest quality.

  • Construction time

    A house is built in 4 months because everything is planned beforehand, and part of the construction process is done at the factory.

  • Closing costs

    The price is closed, no surprises from 890 € m2, the process is clear in time, price, quality and experience. The homes meet the technical code of the building, have the highest safety requirements, insulation and finishes

Pictures of our finished house

What you need to build a unique house

All you need to know to see if you have everything you need, all the information to obtain a dream.


Unique Houses offers a wide range of housing models to suit your family and your economic needs.Deshacer cambios.

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