This is a luxurious home in one of Madrid’s most exclusive districts. The aim is for it to be the Unique Houses headquarters and to act as a showroom for our studio, displaying the entire range of possibilities that our precast walls and craftsmen’s work have to offer. The home has more than 700 m², distributed over three stepped floors that stand atop a sloped plot.

The ground floor houses the studio’s offices, which face a large courtyard that features a tree in the center and a wall over which some of the infinity pool’s water flows. A second wall in the courtyard is a green wall. The actual home is located on the first and second floor. Its design can be considered minimalistic, with a clean feeling based on gray tones, aged woods, and the elegance of the concrete present in the floors and walls.

The home is protected on its west façade by a modular concrete false façade that was specifically designed to sift the light so as to provide the living area with a changing atmosphere that would be reigned over by a Moroccan-style play of lights. The home features a set of volumes that cast changing shadows over the remaining façades.

The living room module measures five meters in height so as to increase the sensation of space, and all kitchen fixtures, as well as the range itself, are high end. The custom-made, iron staircase is housed inside a glass and wood cube. The home’s exterior has an infinity pool and several seasonal spaces with terraces facing the south that are protected from excess sun by pergolas.

As in all of our projects, energy consumption is one of our main concerns, with this single-family home / office being equipped with radiant floor heating and cooling, aerothermics, forced ventilation, and glazed windows featuring argon gas. This home will have an energy rating of ‘A.’

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