A union between architecture and craftsmanship

At Unique Houses, we understand design and construction as an inseparable whole. Our building the projects that we design allows us to control the entire process –every last detail– so as to offer one-of-a-kind service to our customers.

A comprehensive process

Design and construction go hand in hand. With the experience of a long career as an architect who designs unique homes, Javier de la Calzada heads up and leads Unique Houses – a company that both designs and builds all its projects. That “unification” of design and building gives us control over our finishings and allows us to offer one-of-a-kind service to our customers. The design is conceptualized taking into account the most effective way to build; quality is considered (as well as price and time), and the customer is accompanied throughout the entire process.

We customize our homes by adapting our architecture to the needs of our customers.

Unique Houses Modelo A Blanca


We bring in industrial fabrication, as it helps to make the construction process more efficient. Our concrete’s finishings are factory controlled, and the quality of our manufacturing process ensures superior results that go above and beyond on-site (traditional) construction.

Several standard,  modular models  are always our starting point. These models are extremely flexible and can be adapted and personalized in accordance with the particularities of the plot of land and the needs and tastes of our customers.

This combination of an industrial fabrication process with a modular design allows us to create unique houses that are personal and tailored to the customer’s way of life, while they are at the same time extremely quick and easy to build.

Industrial fabrication and craftsmanship: the new luxury

Our vision is to bring together industrial fabrication and craftsmanship to make our homes unique and help them to fit the bill in terms of our vision of “new architecture.”

We make “new luxury” available to our customers – design / fabrication / craftsmanship – through unique finishes designed by our team in fine materials such as concrete, iron, and wood.

Energy efficiency

Our homes are prepared for the future, as energy efficiency is not only a financial necessity but also a way of life.

We have included in all our processes —from home design right up to construction— the priority of each unit’s energy expenditure being as low as possible.

Throughout the whole process, our efficiency department studies the direction in which the unit is sitting, reinforced insulation, forced ventilation, and aerothermics so as to maximize energy efficiency.

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