The aim of this project was to design and build a large home that would combine practicality and architectural design equally to create a feeling of space and beauty. Grandeur of forms was sought, while also placing priority on the concept of “new luxury,” as is the case in all our projects. Not wanting to be too showy or make the home unnecessarily gaudy, we came up with the idea of the “home of the future” based on using traditional materials and giving them a more true and elegant twist.

Concrete, iron, and wood make up all the elements that were used, bringing together traditional architecture and the concept of a prefabricated build, thus improving the construction times and reducing costs without sacrificing the beauty, composition, and harmony of the whole at any time.

The large, glass surfaces and the play of the false façade –characteristic to our architectural style– create projections and shadows that accentuate the home’s volumes and enhance its forms. In this house, the idea was to make a monochrome whole out of precast, white concrete as well as a micro-cement outdoor pool that would also be white.

The home measures 390 square meters without the basement and its layout is adapted to the family’s life. The home features four bedrooms and an additional room for the service, as well as a two-story living area with a central kitchen and two courtyard areas to serve as the home’s operational hub. An iron sliding door separates the kitchen from the living area. There is also a library and fitness center, as well as a service area and laundry room to allow the home to function for its main purpose –family life– while creating different indoor and outdoor (courtyard) spaces. All of this is achieved without forgetting the beauty of the large volumes and glass windows.

This is a piece that perfectly combines the cooler feel of the concrete with warmer wood and iron interior spaces using a range of grays to contrast with the white of the pool and the home’s shell.

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