We were asked to design a single-family home for weekend excursions on a large, leafy plot  near the Entrepeñas Lake, in Sacedón. Our aim was to try to conserve the largest trees as much as possible so as not to alter the landscape, yet also to try to direct people’s eye  towards the reservoir. The location brought us to use precast concrete walls in gray, as this would blend in with the landscape create the least possible environmental impact.

Two large modules were chosen: one spanning two stories for the living room / dining room and featuring a façade made entirely of glass, and another for the rest of the home. Both modules are tied together by a hallway and glass-roofed courtyard, with the series of glass panels creating views from the kitchen and main bedroom out over the living area and to the reservoir. The kitchen is also located on the living room / dining room floor, as well as a large playroom to create two different spaces. On the upper floor are the four bedrooms: the  master bedroom with views of the reservoir, and the other three rooms –all with en suite baths– which cover the needs of a large family who have children and like to invite guests round.

The gray concrete , which contrasts with the surrounding plant life, helps to achieve a certain “forceful” effect while also creating discretion with respect to the landscape. Below the living  area overhang, a large infinity pool has been built so that the panoramic view , combined with the reservoir’s surface, can fuse together. In terms of interior finishings, a single style of polished concrete flooring was chosen, with radiant floor heating and gray walls and teak wood.

The front containment wall for the pool has been lined with limestone gabion stones from local sources so as to not introduce foreign materials into the area. Additionally, a garage/storage module has also been built in the same gray concrete.

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