The architectural challenge

This project’s challenge was to build a home on a triangular-shaped plot in the middle of the city. In addition, the home being built was to be attached to another home, it had a very tight budget, and the owners were seeking simplicity and a reduced building time. We mustn’t forget, on top of all that, that the price had to be closed and final before the build began.

The precast, factory state of a good amount of the building allowed the build to be finished in record time, thus minimizing discomfort for neighbors as well as disruptions in traffic. Likewise, the owners were able to meet their goal of renting the property as soon as possible, thus reducing the project’s net cost.

The home

The white concrete panels were adapted to create an angled corner –almost with the shape of a ship’s bow– that was to open up to the position of the garage and the adjoining house at the back of the property.

Two stories were planned at the entranceway, where the staircase and walkway uniting the two upper-level bedrooms would take center stage in the form of a piece of art sculpted in iron. Large windows in the façades provide a surprising amount of light to the inside of the building, following the “urban housing” concept.

Finishings seek simplicity. A uniform, dark wood floor was installed in all the home, as well as floor-to-ceiling doors and open spaces. For the fence and main entranceway, black iron was chosen – the same color as the framework around the windows.

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