The client’s assignment consisted of a projector and the construction of a house of about 450 m2 facing the sea with white industrialized concrete. The clients wanted a large family home for weekends and holidays with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

The plot was located facing the sea in the bay of Pollensa, one of the most attractive areas with a marina on the island and facing the island of Menorca. They needed large common areas both indoors and outdoors. A home was planned and jointly a gardening project of approximately 500 m2. Taking into account the difficulty and especially the execution time on the islands, which is normally 2-3 years, Unique Houses’ solution was the perfect one since we saved more than a year in the delivery time.

The three common areas consisted of a large double-height living room with a floor-to-ceiling glass surface to enhance the views of the sea and the garden, a kitchen that could be closed with a large sliding door and another area in the upper part projecting over the space of the living room as a recreational part for the children. Once again we covered the false concrete facades to zone outdoor spaces and provide privacy at certain times. The entire house consisted of floor-to-ceiling windows to integrate the interior-exterior space from all rooms and connect it with the beach right in front.

This project is a perfect example of our idea of integrating industrialization with craftsmanship with polished concrete floors, iron and antique woods to achieve a contemporary and rustic contrast. The air conditioning was carried out by means of aerothermal energy with a home-automated heat pump and programmable from the telephone as a large audiovisual project. Another significant factor was the large pool made of custom glass tile.

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