The task, and the customer’s request, was to create a house that would feel like a factory: a unique building, something different from anything else around it, with a very theatrical look that would be reminiscent of the character of New York City’s SoHo. Industry and craftsmanship were to go hand in hand in this structure to create well-rounded architecture with custom, warm finishes.

In response to the task, a single-family home was designed and built in gray concrete and iron. The use of metal structures and large windows with paneled framework in an industrial style was favored.

The living area is two stories high, creating a great feeling of this being an open space. The doors and the fireplace were made by our blacksmith in the traditional way using beams from the metal structure – something which results in an interesting contrast with the industrialized concrete.

The home has four bedrooms, each of which has its own bathroom, and it features a very refined degree of attention to details to make the place feel cozy and provide balance: gold bathroom faucets, designer light switches, and indirect, inlaid led lighting in all the rooms.

The home’s railings, outside fence, and other details were made in industrial-style wire mesh and, as always, it features aerothermal systems for heating and cooling and forced ventilation.

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